Discover top-tier personal care designed for the sophisticated individual. Crafted by the acclaimed international barber, Parsa Rad, with two decades of dedication to his craft. Located in the heart of Soho.


Indulge yourself or a loved one in the complete La Perse range. The perfect combination for maintaining a simple yet luxurious & healthy routine for your face.



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Fraser Bush
2 months ago

The experience was top notch - Parsa's beard expertise is unmatched, plus the oils & scents used throughout the process make it very relaxing

Stephan Charalambous
2 months ago

Parsa is a true master of his craft. His level of professionalism, care and attention to detail are unmatched. Thank you Parsa!

Ed Abedian
6 months ago

Parsa is exceptional. I now realise I have been wasting my time for so many years with other barbers and hairdressers. Meticulous, impeccably clean, and a warm personality. Thank you, Parsa. Loving your perfume and shaving range. Keep them coming!

Ben Bardsley
8 months ago

If you are a smart professional who cares about your look, Parsa is you man - Best hairdresser in London - Fact. Unparalleled service and product. Met Parsa 4 years ago - being seeing him religiously every month since. Highly recommend 💯.

Rasoul Shams
7 months ago

Brilliant haircut, and a fantastic barber and stylist! Parsa is amongst the few barbers I’ve seen that truly love their job, are proficient at their job and care for the service they provide. I highly recommend him.